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18 Spiritual Meanings of Dreams About Giants

Giants are lumbering, towering, human-like creatures that are frequently depicted as threats, if not outright monsters. Though they’re merely an object of myths and fairytales, dreaming about giants does present certain truths about one’s reality.

Dreaming about giants is connected to how we see dominating, ruling, or nurturing figures in our lives – be it people, animals, objects, or obstacles. Giants represent a positive or negative power dynamic that pervades a dreamer’s waking moments.

It is worth considering that not all dreams about giants tie back to a deep, personal issue; perhaps you’ve just been watching, reading, or listening to a lot of stories saturated with these fabled behemoths. If this is not the case, however, you might want to dig deep into what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreams About Giants

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Control & Domination

When someone appears gigantic in a dream, it could mean that this person has an over-arching influence on your life. This is your celestial guardians providing hints on who is really taking charge of your thoughts and decisions.

Overcoming Difficulty

Obstacles in your life can often make you feel like David going against Goliath, especially when problems are compounded and seemingly endless. Dreaming about giants in a time of great personal turmoil means that you will need divine intervention in order to conquer all of your struggles.

Stress & Pressure

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Dreaming about giants is a wake-up call from your celestial guardians. If you are a workaholic or a perfectionist, and you’ve been constantly convincing yourself that you’re fine, this is a sign that you may not be. Take a sufficient break to make sure your mental, physical, and spiritual health doesn’t deteriorate.

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Feelings Surrounding Sex

Freud proposed that dreaming about anything that appears bigger than ourselves is associated with our ego. According to him, a man dreaming about a giant could be sex-obsessed, while a woman dreaming about a giant could be plagued with guilt when it comes to sexual acts.

In general, though, giants in dreams could signal an excess of negative emotion towards sex or a lack of moderation in sexual engagements. If this is the case, a dreamer should practice self-restraint and inner reflection.

Other Spiritual Meanings Giants in Dreams

Dreaming of Yourself as a Giant

If you appear as a giant in a dream, it could signify that your biggest hindrance to accomplishing your goals is yourself. Your actions and decisions are possibly impeding your path towards progress and balance.

Alternatively, dreaming of yourself as a giant could mean that you feel powerful and self-assured. Celestial guardians caution you to remain humble and keep your feet on the ground.

Dreaming of a Giant Woman

Seeing a giant woman in a dream could be interpreted as your desire for a mother figure to guide, nurture, or protect you. It also indicates that you need to either accept or reparent a certain aspect of yourself.

Dreaming of a Giant Man

If someone you know appears gigantic in your dream, that person could be posing a threat to you or those you hold dear. A dream about a non-specific giant man, on the other hand, is still an alarm bell to your general feeling of weakness and insignificance.

Dreaming of a Giant Baby

A giant baby in your dream signals an aspect of your life that is growing quickly beyond your control. Because a giant baby is reflective of your incapacity to take on responsibilities, it makes sense that it also represents your feelings of being immature and unready.

Dreaming of a Friendly Giant

When a scary, gargantuan creature appears friendly to you in a dream, it symbolizes your security, confidence, and braveness. You have the courage and optimism to confront even the most seemingly unconquerable problems.

Dreaming of Giant Animals

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The message behind dreams of giant animals lies in the nature of that species. Giant domesticated animals such as cats and dogs are the celestial guardians’ way of affirming your feelings of independence, loyalty, and contentment.

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Meanwhile, large predators and reptiles mean that an aspect of your life is causing you great anxiety or a feeling of defenselessness. Arthropods such as centipedes, scorpions, and beetles serve as a warning to be wary of who you keep close to you in your waking life; some friends are just foes waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Animals that we associate with freedom, virility, and practicality bear the same meaning when they appear gigantic in dreams. Giant migratory birds, kangaroos, cheetah, horses, and giraffes are a good example. These same animals in giant form could indicate an upcoming journey, a new residence, or a new project at work.

Certain giant animals in dreams also act as harbingers of good news. Giant fish portent to success, money, and abundance. Keep your eyes peeled for opportunities, new relationships, or promising job offers.

Dreaming of Giant Insects

Giant insects in a dream often allude to negative emotions. When spiders, hornets, and venomous insects materialize as giants in your dream, they hint at your deep-seated fear, anxiety, and restlessness. You could be in a situation or surrounded by people who make you feel like cornered prey.

Large swarm insects – such as bees, moths, wasps, and ants – are a distress signal. Dreaming about them means that your problems are becoming too big to ignore and that this is what’s most likely making you unhappy or uncertain. This is a sign for you to seek the support of family, friends, and the community.

In contrast, harmless insects have more optimistic suggestions. Dreaming about a giant praying mantis, a butterfly, or a caterpillar could hint at an imminent growth and transformation.

Dreaming of Giant Plants & Environments

A gigantic plant appearing in your dream is usually a good omen. A tree that appears massive in your dream is reflective of your potential, fertility, and passion, while colossal flowers foreshadow a period of rest and healing

If you see a giant tomato in your dream, this is a sign of abundance and success. A giant carrot, on the other hand, portends clarity and spiritual awakening.

Dreaming of big, insurmountable waves, however, could mean that an insurmountable problem is about to enter your life. The waves could also symbolize your loss of control over your emotions or a situation.

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Dreaming About Giants Meanings in Different Religions

Biblical Meaning of Giants in Dreams

According to the Bible, dreaming of yourself and other people as giants alludes to how you perceive strength and rank. Depending on who appears gigantic in your dream, this person could be an enemy, a trusted ally, or a quiet motivator.

Islamic Meaning of Giants in Dreams

In Islam, dreaming of yourself grown to a colossal size could signify your impending death. It is vital that a dreamer focus on their health – and perhaps make amends with enemies – if this is the case.

Common Encounters with Giants in Dreams & Their Interpretation

Dream About a Giant Chasing or Attacking You

You could be facing an intense predicament or trauma in your waking life, and this could translate to a giant charging at you in your dreams. In this instance, your spirit guides are advising you to stand your ground and face challenges head-on.

Dream About Chasing or Attacking a Giant

Facing an adversary in a dream – and a giant one at that – is interpreted as having the courage to grapple with one’s problems in real life. If you dream about chasing or attacking a giant, it means you’re done gathering strength and are now fully equipped to face hardship.

Dream About Killing a Giant or Getting Killed by a Giant

Interestingly, whether you slay or get slain by a giant, the meaning remains the same; it denotes that a significant shift is about to happen in your life. This change could stem from you overcoming obstacles or from finding peace in submitting to the flow of fate.

Dream About Hiding from a Giant

Hiding from looming threats signals to your feeling of powerlessness against people and certain types of situations. If you dream about hiding from a giant, your celestial guardians are urging you to learn to confront your fears.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about giants generally indicate how you perceive yourself and your capabilities in relation to your goals, problems, or other people. Pay careful attention to what appears gigantic in your dream and reflect on what this represents or mirrors from your daily life.


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