Son of Pentacles - Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

Son of Pentacles – Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

The Wild Unknown Tarot deck is an excellent divination tool you can use to gain clarity and focus in your life. It consists of 78 cards with imagery that gives you a glimpse of the world filled with wildness and mystery. Full of illustrations with intense detail, this deck can help you in your journey toward self-realization.

The Son of Pentacles, one of the court cards, signifies loyalty, dedication, and quiescence. This card portrays an image of a young male deer looking downwards with the moon visible above him. He’s trustworthy and determined but can sometimes be overly persistent and stubborn.

One way to learn more about the Son of Pentacles (and all the other cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot deck) is by deciphering the symbolism behind each card’s imagery. It’s worth noting that the cards’ meanings differ for each individual because everyone has unique experiences. Hence, in addition to learning the cards’ meanings, one must also thoroughly assess their current situation.

Son of Pentacles Meaning

son of pentacles

In traditional decks (like those that adhere to the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot system), the court cards have titles of Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages. The creator of the Wild Unknown Tarot chose to call the court cards Fathers, Mothers, Sons, and Daughters instead.

According to her, a more relatable title allows the Seeker to connect with the cards immediately. The card illustrations in the Wild Unknown Tarot deck are nature and animal-inspired, enabling the Seeker to explore their wild and mysterious side.

The Son of Pentacles, for example, shows an image of a young stag. A stag symbolizes many things. Vigor, virility, grace, experience, and leadership are some of them.

Darkness mostly envelopes the male deer, but light shines through where he gazes his eyes. The stag’s head is tilted downwards, and above him shines a crescent moon with a yellow-orange hue. The crescent moon signifies hope and new beginnings, while the yellow-orange color represents warmth, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

Within the illustration of the moon is a pentacle, which gives an illusion of a full moon. The Son of Pentacles belongs to the Pentacles suit ruled by the element of earth.

All the cards in this tarot suit focus on tangible matters, like home, finances, business, and career issues. Drawing any card in the Suit of Pentacles means the querent needs to divert their focus on the material aspects of their life.

One of the many positive characteristics of the Son of Pentacles is his loyalty. Those around him tend to easily depend on him with everything because he’s reliable, trustworthy, and responsible.

The Son of Pentacles is also an extremely determined individual. Determination is required to accomplish tasks and reach goals, but it can be a double-edged sword for him. There’s a thin line between being determined and stubborn, and there are times when the Son of Pentacles can be more of the latter.

Socially, the Son of Pentacles can be difficult to approach and understand. In addition to his (overly) willful nature that others can easily misunderstand, he’s also inherently quiet. These two traits combined sometimes make him seem socially awkward.

It’s hardly surprising that the Son of Pentacles prefers to keep his circle small. He’s a loyal and reliable friend, so he tries to surround himself with people who are also trustworthy.

Son of Pentacles in a Reading

candle tarot reading

Drawing the Son of Pentacles in a tarot reading can pertain to several things. It can refer to an issue, represent an actual person, or describe the energy of a situation.

This card can be a sign for you to take a step back and assess your current predicament. Once you have a direction in mind, focus your energy and efforts on getting to your destination.

It’s significant to remember that you must not keep on looking down on every journey you take. Look at your surroundings and the road ahead of you. Being flexible and adaptable can be incredibly beneficial in times of uncertainty or when an unpredictable situation presents itself.

Final Thoughts

If you find determining the meaning of tarot cards difficult, it’s helpful to ask an expert for guidance. Professional tarot readers on this website can help you explore the wildness of nature (and yourself) and decipher the world’s mysteries using the Wild Unknown Tarot deck.

They have both sufficient knowledge and experience to give insightful readings and advice. In addition to that, these experts can help you learn more about the different tarot systems, which is beneficial if you’re planning to read the tarot on your own.


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