Son of Wands - Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

Son of Wands – Wild Unknown Tarot Card Explained

The Wild Unknown Tarot is a 78-card contemporary tarot deck with nature and animal-based illustrations. Writer and artist Kim Krans created this deck with such imagery to explore the realm of nature and mystery. The Wild Unknown Tarot deck, with its intricate, beautiful, and profound imagery, can help you acquire feelings of tranquility and steadiness.

The Son of Wands (otherwise called Knight of Wands in the traditional RWS tarot system) shows an image of a snake coiling around a stick or wand. He’s charming, adventurous, and courageous. The Son of Wands focuses on his goals and would do everything to turn his visions into reality regardless of the risks.

Interpreting the Son of Wands in a reading can be more complicated than the other cards in the suit. The meanings of court cards, in general, are a bit more complex to decipher because they can refer to either a particular situation, energy, or a specific individual. Determining the meaning behind the intricate card imagery can help you learn more about the cards in the Wild Unknown Tarot.

Son of Wands Meaning

son of wands

The creator of the Wild Unknown Tarot chose to name the court cards Daughters, Sons, Mothers, and Fathers instead of Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings. She believes that these titles are more relatable. Hence, the Seeker can form an instant connection with the cards.

Tarot practitioners (especially beginners) who are more familiar with the Rider-Waite-Smith system might find this confusing at first. As previously mentioned, the Son of Wands is the equivalent of the Knight of Wands in the traditional tarot system.

The Son of Wands portrays a snake hissing while curling around a branch or wand with a few protruding leaves. His figure and stance scream confidence and one can almost see a glint of ambition in his eyes. He seems ready to strike, hungry to covet whatever his heart desires.

Emanating from the top of the wand are lines glowing in yellow, looking almost like a beacon of light. This card is brimming with energy, ready to be spent.

It’s hardly surprising that the Son of Wands possesses these characteristics. After all, the Suit of Wands to which this card belongs signifies ambition, creativity, drive, and inspiration. The Son of Wands, associated with the fire element, is full of energy and ready to take over the world.

He can charm his way through everything. His craving for adventure is both commendable and alarming. The Son of Wands will utilize everything in his possession to ensure he brings home victory.

The Son of Wands can still be immature at times. His overly passionate nature can make him quickly rattled. He might have trouble learning that some things aren’t worth the risk.

Son of Wands in a Reading

motivated person

Drawing the Son of Wands in a tarot reading means you’re highly motivated and geared up to take the actions needed to achieve your goals. You’re not only motivated but also passionate and enthusiastic.

Because you have your eyes solely on the goal, you have no time to think about what the journey towards it entails. Taking risks is an admirable feat, but it can also be a double-edged sword for you. Remember to be cautious of possible dangers.

If the above case doesn’t apply to your current circumstance, the Son of Wands appearing in your tarot reading might have a different meaning. This card suggests that now is the best time to concrete your plans. You might need to imbibe this card’s fiery spirit in your life.

There’s no need to hesitate because there’s nothing but success waiting for you if you play your cards right. Be confident in your skills and capabilities because they won’t betray you. Now is the time to get the dice rolling.

Final Thoughts

Interpreting court cards can be tedious for some. If you’re unsure about your card interpretations, consider asking for help from experienced tarot practitioners. Professional tarot readers can help you explore the world’s mysteries with the Wild Unknown Tarot and find the answers you seek.

If you’re a tarot reader working with an unfamiliar tarot deck, try to record your tarot process in a journal. It’s worth noting that the meaning of the cards is unique for every individual. After all, people go through different life situations and experiences.


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