13 Revealing Twin Flame Awakening Symptoms

21 Revealing Twin Flame Awakening Symptoms

It’s believed that everyone has a twin flame, although there are instances when a person’s twin flame doesn’t appear in the same lifetime. The purpose of twin flame relationships is to accelerate each other’s spiritual awakening so both can pursue their life mission. This spiritual process is called twin flame awakening.

Twin flame awakening (also called twin flame kundalini awakening) is a spiritual process that involves energy activation upon twin flame soul recognition. Some twin flame awakening symptoms include chakra activation, emotional upheaval, identity crisis, and an increase in psychic abilities.

Twin flames are two halves of one soul. When twin flames connect for the first time, they will feel sensational bolts of energy run through them. This is the first part of the twin flame kundalini awakening.

Twin Flame Awakening Symptoms

1. Dark Night of the Soul

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The dark night of the soul pertains to the extreme condition of the soul that leads to deep depths of sorrows. This is a natural process of twin flame awakening that occurs before the actual awakening.

During this phase, one’s days might be filled with hopelessness. You might start blaming yourself and question all your life decisions. Your thoughts might be filled with despair, agony, darkness, and anger.

Just like all bad things, however, the dark night of the soul period will pass. It can be extremely distressing and overwhelming, but it’s the Universe’s way of preparing your soul to achieve its highest good.

2. Feeling a Shift in Energy

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When one reunites with their twin flame in the same lifetime, they’ll experience a shift in their spiritual energies. This sudden shift can be overwhelming, and it can disrupt one’s energy points. To avoid having an energetic overdrive, it’s advised that you meditate to maintain balance through this period of abrupt instability.

3. Unexplained Mood Swings

Because of the sudden shift in energy, one might begin to experience mood swings and feel extreme polarity of emotions. This is the result of the twin flame awakening. When you first open yourself to receive more energy from your twin flame, you won’t be able to control your emotions for some time.

You might feel extremely joyous one moment, and then feel deep sadness the next. In this phase, aspects of you are being transmuted in the twin flame connection. Although this is normal, it’s best if you learn how to properly shield yourself from the waves of new energy patterns.

4. Anxiety or Panic Attacks

Aside from unexplained mood swings, sudden shifts in energy can also cause anxiety or panic attacks. If you’re not able to handle the abundant energy brought by the awakening, it might manifest as fear, anxiety, regret, anger, or other negative feelings and emotions.

5. Uncertainty about One’s Self

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One symptom of kundalini awakening is having an identity crisis. You might dissociate yourself, lose sight of your goals and dreams, feel out of place in the world, and lose your sense of purpose. Simply put, your ego starts losing its bearings.

6. Sudden Urge to Create

During the time of twin flame awakening, one might have the urge to be creative. Since you will be more in tune with your subconscious during this period, your imagination will also start running wild.

You might be into music, art, or literature. Take this as an opportunity to start creating literally and figuratively.

7. Awakening of Psychic Abilities

Part of the awakening process is having sharper intuition and heightened psychic abilities. You might start predicting something before they even happen, have precognitive dreams, and notice patterns or synchronicities that have deeper meanings.

Your psychic abilities being awakened will also make you more in tune with the frequency of the Universe. Since everything on earth is connected, you can expect that you’ll be affected in magnitude by these events.

During this time, your empathy and spatial memory will also be affected. You might experience brain fog and memory lapses. This is because the left hemisphere of the brain undergoes some sort of rewiring.

8. Remembering Past Lives

As previously mentioned, twin flames are two halves of one soul. It’s believed that during the first time of incarnation, the soul is separated into two energies and placed into separate bodies.

As mentioned above, the purpose of twin flames is to find each other in their lifetimes and accelerate each other’s spiritual awakening so they can do their life mission. Once you experience twin flame awakening, some memories from your past lives will return.

These suppressed memories can be seen in glimpses, flashbacks, dreams, or visions. You’ll instantly know that these are memories from your past lives because it will invoke emotions in you that you won’t be able to understand at first, but will make sense later on.

9. Perceiving the Concept of Time Differently

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During a twin flame awakening, you might start viewing the concept of time differently. Your concept of time might no longer be divided into the past, present, or future. Instead, you’ll perceive time as something more fluid (like the past, present, and future merged as one).

10. Seeing a Person’s True Form

Your twin flame is your direct mirror. This means that they’re a mirror image of yourself who will reflect your strengths and weaknesses. In a twin flame awakening, you’ll see not only your twin flame’s true form but other people’s as well.

11. Desire to be in a Healthy Environment

As you experience shifts in frequency, there will be changes in your interests and relationships. They say that one must let go of some things so that growth and development can take place. Thus, you might find yourself letting go of unhealthy or toxic relationships to make way for healthy relationships with your soul family.

12. Noticing Synchronicities

Synchronicities appear as repeating numbers like 111, 222, and 333. You may also see twin flame angel numbers such as 144, 212, 404,and 303. These often appear when one is in a period of accelerated soul growth. You might think that they’re mere coincidences, but more often than not, they have deeper meanings.

13. Being Able to Easily Listen to One’s Inner Voice

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One of the most common symptoms of twin flame awakening is being more in tune with your Inner or Higher Self. You might even hear your spirit guides during this time. Being connected to the higher spiritual beings is part of the awakening process.

You might find yourself choosing to embrace silence and meditate. Let your instincts take over and feel the energy around you.

14. Recurrent Dreams about Them

This is another sign of a forthcoming twin flame awakening. Upon twin flame recognition, you may have some recurrent vivid dreams about your twin flame. You may even be able to visualize and communicate with them while you meditate.

15. Drive to Improve Yourself & Raise Your Vibration

Twin flame relationships catalyze one’s growth. It helps you shed your toxic patterns, limiting beliefs, and even your egoic sheath. Another positive symptom of twin flame awakening is having the urge to become a spiritually, emotionally, and physically enhanced human being.

16. Everything Seems to Fall into Place

You feel like everything that happened in your life makes sense. Every little tragedy and misfortune led you to this perfect moment with this perfectly imperfect person. Your personalities just complement each other in weird, glorious coruscating patterns, and you’re grateful for everything that happened that led you towards this wonderful person.

17. You Feel Excited

When your soul knows that it has met its other half, you may feel constant butterflies in your stomach. Your thoughts are filled with love, anticipation, and positive energy. You might also get a sudden urge to envision your life together or create a Pinterest board of the things you want to do with your twin flame.

18. You Radiate Positive Energy

Another symptom of twin flame awakening is having a radiant glow and positive energy emanating throughout your body. When you meet your twin flame, your soul feels reinvigorated and powerful. With them in your life, you’re a force to be reckoned with and you feel like you can take on the world.

19. Disregard for Other People’s Opinions

Once you’ve formed a high-octane spiritual connection with someone, you’re less likely to care about how other people perceive you. Twin flame connections can also be very intense. When you’ve met your twin flame, you’d want all your energy to be directed with them as well as the life you’re building together.

However, if you and your twin flame haven’t done your inner work, this can lead to a highly toxic and destructive relationship. Because of the intensity of your love for each other, you might be compelled to disregard the opinions of the people who truly care about you.

20. Discovering a New Life Path

With highly charged emotions involved, twin flame relationships can be very turbulent to the point that it alters your life plans and steers you in a completely new direction. Twin flames help you get more aligned with your true soul purpose. They also help you reach a higher level of spiritual consciousness and fully realize your soul’s potential.

21. Inner Peace

One more symptom of twin flame awakening is feeling truly at peace within yourself. You lose all sense of ego, develop a more intense compassion for humanity, and feel more in tune with the divine source. You’re also able to manifest the things you desire with more flow and ease.

Final Thoughts

Twin flame awakenings can be overwhelming and painful. Because twin flame relationships are unique, people experience the symptoms of twin flame awakening differently. One can try to determine symptoms to understand what they’re going through, but it’s always difficult to tell because of the variations.

Professional psychics on this website who specialize in twin flame readings can help you with your twin flame journey. Consulting a psychic advisor is extremely important, especially when you’re dealing with twin flame kundalini awakening.


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