Signs that Your Deceased Pet is Trying to Communicate

Pets are mankind’s greatest companions; therefore, losing them can be very devastating. Sometimes deceased pets send a message after crossing over the brief divide, so one should be open to receiving signs from them.

A beloved deceased pet appearing in dreams is a common sign that they’re trying to communicate with their owner. Other signs include seeing them in their energetic form, smelling them out of the blue, and sensing their presence around places they used to stay at.

Losing a pet, whether it’s sudden or expected, can cause grief that comes on waves. These waves can be subtle or overwhelming, and coping might be a struggle. Pets sometimes come to their owners in spirit form to provide comfort.

The 6 Signs To Know

 #1 Dreaming About Them

dream dog girl

Perhaps the most common among all the signs that one’s deceased pet is visiting them is when they see them in their dreams. Dreams are enthralling phenomena that have various meanings and interpretations.

Humans enter into a deep REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state when they are asleep. When in this state, a person is more open to receiving a visit from spiritual forces from the other side. Visits from departed pets in dreams are usually very vivid, and they exhibit feelings of peace.

 #2 Seeing Them

cat by window

Seeing the spirit of a pet that has passed away in their energetic form out of one’s peripheral vision can be a sign that it’s trying to communicate with their owner. Seeing a deceased pet’s energetic form or their shadow is much less common than seeing them in dreams.

This occurrence happens mostly to people with clairvoyance (loosely translated as clear seeing) because they can see energy in different forms, such as in the form of images, movement, colors, or light. Seeing repetitive numbers can also be a sign that a departed pet is sending a message.

 #3 Hearing Them

When deceased pets visit their owners, they usually catch their attention by creating noise in their owner’s physical space. It can be the sound of paws going up the stairs, tag or collar jingling, or nails clicking on the floor as they run.

The sound of greeting (like a bark or a meow), cage-rattling, a soft snore, or noise coming from their toys can also be heard. People with clairaudience (the gift of hearing) can receive information from an external source directly to their minds (similar to telepathy).

 #4 Smelling Them

Scents have a significant impact on people because they can affect a person’s mood. When a deceased pet wants its owner to remember them, they can do smell visitations.

Scents that are associated with one’s deceased pet can allow fond memories to surface. Sometimes departed pets send signs through the smell of their fur, breath, pet food, bedding, shampoo, collar, or flatulence.

People with clairalience (the gift of smelling) are more sensitive to such smells because they can usually smell things that are not physically present, however brief this occurrence happens.

 #5 Sensing Them

cat paw

When an owner feels the presence of their deceased pet around the house or any place where they used to spend time with them, it’s most likely a sign that their pet is coming for a visit to check up on their owner.

The deceased pet can be felt kneading or jumping on the bed, brushing their fur along the back of their owner’s knees, or snuggling on their lap. Spirits vibrate with a higher energy, which enables them to send physical sensations to their owners.

Other signs are cold chill or goosebumps down the spine, a feeling of anxiety, the ringing of the ears, or a feeling of static electricity.

 #6 Signs in the Form of Other Pets or Animals

three cats bird

The spirit of a deceased pet can get their owner’s attention in the form of other animals. If there are other pets in the house, they might see these animals interacting with the spirit of their deceased pet.

There are also instances when animals suddenly appear in one’s front door, like a stray cat or a dog. One can also see birds like blue jays, red robins, cardinals, and goldfinches.

Insects like butterflies, ladybugs, and crickets can be signs as well. Seeing these animals or insects mean that a departed pet is telling their owner to embrace change.

Pets and the Afterlife

after life dog

The circle of life is nature’s way of conveying death is not the end but a new beginning. Many believe that the human soul experiences a rebirth, and it transverses in one lifetime to the next.

The same phenomena occur to animals. The purpose of reincarnation is soul evolvement. Some people believe that less than 50% of pets undergo rebirth.

If a pet doesn’t reincarnate to be with their owner, the pet is most likely waiting for their owners in the spirit dimension. Pets that don’t reincarnate become guardian pets or pet spirit guides.

Finding a Pet Communicator

If you want to connect with your deceased pet, you can ask an animal communicator or a pet psychic for a reading. Professional psychics on this website who specialize in animal communication can help you connect with spirits of animals who have passed over.

Animal communicators are individuals who can understand the feelings of animals in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, or feelings. They can connect with your deceased pet and relay their messages to you. Pet readings can provide owners reassurance and comfort in times of grief.


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